Tuesday, June 19, 2007

May trip to California

Bruce and Wife designed
above Afghan. Pic does no
justice. Group hard at work.

Peter teaching group a new stitch.

On May 17th I took a trip to California to see my Friend Cay. Just to have girl time on catching up on our lives and crocheting . We did not do any tourist things just sat, crochet and talk. She also helped me in getting my Blog up and running and got me back into CrochetParterns club. It just so happen that weekend there was a Crochet Soriee hosted by Peter Franzi at the Oakland Telegraph Community Center(they do great work there on a volunteer bases). So the pics here are from that meeting. I met some wonderful people and hope to see them again when I go back for the CGOA conference in September. I am really looking for to this never been to one that dealt with crocheting and knitting. I have done a lot of craft fairs.

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