Monday, August 06, 2007


Well the weeks have gone by again it has been a whirl wind for me and my sister. For a couple years I have done the Relay for Life for American Cancer Society. I have done this in the memory of past victims and survivors of this disease that has touched my life. Well, it has now touched me in a personal way, for my sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of June. This news has just hit us hard. She was handed literature on this matter and what will be happening in weeks to come. Of course she has not pick up the books to read. She had surgery to remove the lump July 11th and that the lymph nodes were not involved. Hooray! We were told that she would only need radiation treatment for it was in its early stages. Again she was handed literature on what will be happening on the next phase of her treatment. Yes, she has not read them. We have been to so many clinics doctors and test for a month and we were happy of this news. Well off we went to the radiology's to get her started with her radiation treatment. went through some of the routines and what is going to happen with her and then we saw the doctor. After a few minutes she asked if we went to a chemo oncologist first before seeing her. Of course we told her no for we were told that she didn't need it. The doctor said she did not want to start radiation until my sister went to see the chemo doctor first. Once again off we went to see another doctor. Well the out come was not in our favor. We were told that she will be needing chemotherapy. once again she was handed more literature to read and given instruction. That hit us hard knowing what she was going to have to do. The good news is that she will be needing only three treatments in a three to four weeks apart. Wow!! However she is very upset that she will be losing her hair. I told her that is minor bump in the road for her life is more important and hair will grow back. This past week went to shop for a wig and she was able to find one that really look like her hair and the way she wears it. she will have her first treatment August 14th and is some what in good spirits. But that when the real reality will set in for both of us.

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