Saturday, March 08, 2008

Long Road to Recovery

Well it has been several months since I have posted. Time just slips by. The Road to recovery for my sister has been a real toll on both of us. Depression and delays. Kat went through Chemo therapy with some difficulty which caused a delay in the time frame of treatment. On her second chemo therapy she had allergic reaction, believe me, I was so scared that I was losing her from the treatment not the cancer. Standing there was one of my worse fears watching as they worked on her. Thank goodness she came out of it and was okay. After that we had no more problems with Chemo. Losing her hair was devastating for her, but she had two beautiful wigs that lot of people did not know she was going through chemo. Lots of times I forgot that she had no hair. On to the radiation treatment, five treatments per week for seven weeks. Again she had a few problems with the treatment and delay the time frame when she will be done. We called them speed bumps and just moved on. She Finished on January 9th and now we are waiting for the followed up to see if she is cancer free. I would like to thank every one who was very supportive during this time. Most of all to my two dearest friends Cay and Mary. They were always there for me when I had a break down of fear, depression and tears. Since the first of the year I have been working on Relay for Life campaign. We had two garage sales and working on our third one. Lasagna dinner and a pie in the face event, which was held at the Destin Elks Lodge #2688.

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